Whether you are struggling with low energy, digestive issues, losing weight, or a chronic health condition, addressing nutritional deficiencies is a critical first step toward regaining vibrant health. Nutrition Ignition courses are designed to rapidly replenish depleted nutrients and get you back on track to optimal health.

At Nutrition Ignition, we offer group classes, individual consultation with a functional nutritionist, and online classes for specific needs that make it easy and affordable to get in the habit of good nutrition and health maintenance. After you purchase a class, you become a member and have access to our full line of high-quality nutrition supplements.

Running on Empty

Cars run best on premium fuel and so do humans. Our modern diet, filled with easy to prepare meals and fast food, is dramatically lower in critical nutrients compared to 100 years ago. Scientific studies show that more than half of all Americans have one or more significant nutrient deficiencies that contribute to poor health. Despite eating more food, we are essentially running on empty.


Get in the Habit

How can you get started on a path to better health? It all begins with establishing a simple daily nutrition routine that fills up your nutrient gauges. The cornerstone of this routine is our CORE+4 shake. We give you a list of items to pick up at your local health food store, which you’ll add to the special products we’ve formulated to boost nutrition. That’s it! A once-a-day shake packed with vital nutrients that will help turn your health around.

The results for you? You'll have more energy to do the things you need to do, AND the things you love doing. Invest in nutritional maintenance to keep your body performing optimally.

So what are you waiting for?
Do yourself a favor and start your nutrition maintenance routine today.
Jill took her health back!
"The program is amazingly simple. If I can take back my health, so can you!"
Jessica turned her pregnancy around!
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