About Dr. Kelly

Anne Kelly, MD, MPH, FAAP believes that nutrition is the key to overall good health and performance. In her career as physician, university researcher, medical director, and now founder and president of Nutrition Ignition, Inc., Dr. Kelly has experienced first-hand how good nutrition can dramatically transform lives, from infants to seniors.

Dr. Kelly’s background as a pediatrician, scientist, and functional medicine pioneer, combined with 20 years of clinical experience with complex, chronic health conditions uniquely qualifies her as a healthcare innovator. She is an accomplished and internationally respected expert in chronic care models and has a history of confronting seemingly insurmountable problems with innovative solutions. Acclaimed for developing and implementing a program for medically fragile children, she integrated allopathic medicine with telemedicine and functional medicine, and secured funding from the State Legislature to support the innovative model and conduct further research.

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