Core Plus 4

Core Plus 4


  • This Core Plus 4 class begins on 11-10-2016 and continues through 12-15-2016.
  • This class will take place at Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church.
  • For more details, review the information in the tabs below.

CORE+4 is a 5-week program designed to improve performance; concentration and health by ensuring “critical nutrient gauges” are full. CORE+4 uses whole food powders and micronutrient supplements to create a convenient and inexpensive shake that will “fill up your gauges” with the correct blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and other critical nutrients. Easy and affordable for the whole family!

Dr. Anne Kelly

Anne Kelly, MD, MPH, FAAP is the founder of Nutrition Ignition Inc. and the architect behind the structured modules and strategic CORE+4. Dr. Kelly combines her expertise in public health, nutrition, and functional medicine to help time-strapped individuals find time for nutrition. Her goal is to keep people functioning optimally so they can continue to do the things they need to do and the things they love to do.

Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church

9920 Normandale Boulevard
Bloomington, Minnesota 55437

Important:  DO NOT conduct the CORE+4 if you

  • Are experiencing or have a history of stomach or duodenal ulcers
  • are on multiple pharmaceutical medications for mental illness
  • are on medications for bleeding or clotting disorders
  • have active colitis
  • have an allergy to any ingredient listed in the recommended products

Some medical conditions require consistent blood levels of medications and a change in intestinal health or diet can change the blood levels of the medications. It is critically important to consult with your physician or healthcare professional before beginning a nutrition course if you have a medical condition or are taking medications.