CORE+4 : Course Description

Nutrition Ignition - Core Plus Four

The Problem: Running on Empty

The U.S. is one of the richest countries in the world but if you look at the nutritional status of Americans, we are running on empty. Our modern diet of processed foods full of added artificial ingredients and lacking in vital nutrients has created a new epidemic of chronic diseases. We are what we eat! We need to fill up our nutrient gauges.

A New Strategy: The Power of Powders

Nutrition Ignition - The Power of Powders

It all begins with the simple and effective CORE+4 morning shake, our nutritional maintenance product. The CORE combines whole food powders, and the +4 combines four supplements in an easy to mix, easy to take shake. All of the critical nutrients your body needs daily are combined in one small morning shake. Even time-strapped adults, who might not otherwise take the time to make a healthy breakfast, find it easy to embrace CORE+4 .

Nutrition Maintenance: Routine is Key

While CORE+4 is a quick and easy way to boost energy and performance, we’ve learned that it can still be tricky to start a new routine and keep it going. That’s why we start your journey into better health habits with a structured class. It’s here that you’ll gain the knowledge and support you need to increase your chances of success long-term.

The CORE+4 is a face-to-face class and includes:

The benefits are many!

If you have a chronic condition or are taking perscription medications, please click here to see if you should do the CORE+4 program.

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