3 DAY CLEANSE : Course Description

Nutrition Ignition - 3-Day Cleanse

Clean Your Filters: Maintain Your Liver & Intestines

Congratulations! You’ve already embraced the CORE+4 program, a great regimen that supports your body’s ability to create energy as well as repair and detoxify harmful substances in your diet and environment. But often, the gut (stomach and intestines) accumulates harmful bacteria and fungal organisms that damage the intestinal lining and cause inflammation, creating an obstacle to achieving optimal health.

The Gut-Brain Connection: Poor gut function = poor brain function

Nutrition Ignition - 3-Day Cleanse When that’s the case, it’s best to give yourself a detoxification boost in order to clean your body’s “filters”, particularly your gut wall lining. It’s here that harmful bacteria and yeast can gather, stealing nutrients, and causing inflammation. Candida, a mold species, can be particularly toxic and difficult to irradiate. Signs of mold overgrowth are a white coating on your tongue, bloating and even brain fog. One of the best strategies Dr. Kelly has found to clean up overgrowth of harmful bacteria and candida in the gut is to feed the good bacteria and starve the bad organisms. Candida for instance, thrives on carbohydrates and grows like a weed. So take away carbohydrates and you "kill the weeds".

The 3 DAY CLEANSE is delivered online and includes:

  • Instructions for a 3 day diet - this diet contains meat and eggs, but no dairy.
  • A shopping list of supplements to cleanse and destroy harmful bacteria and candida
  • A list of food and drinks that support the regrowth of good bacteria
  • Instructor moderated forum for questions and advice

The benefits are many!

  • Improvement in energy, mood and focus
  • Reduction in inflammation and arthritic pain
  • Improvement in digestion and absorption of nutrients

If you have a chronic condition or are taking perscription medications, please click here to see if you should do the 3 DAY CLEANSE program.

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